Plush Wheelchair Bed - Fully Tilt and Reclining

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Individuals with poor posture and stability may have difficulty sitting upright on a wheelchair for long periods. Most of their daily activities are thus restricted to the bed and over time, they may experience social isolation.

Our reclining wheelchair functions like a slim geriatric chair with added benefits:

  • Encourages social participation: Instead of having to sit upright all the time, the reclining backrest allows the user to lean back when they're tired. This way, he can remain in a comfortable sitting position for a longer duration and continue to engage in group activities.
  • Saves time and reduces the risk of back injury: When fully reclined, the wheelchair transforms into a stretcher and allows for easy transfer. The caregiver just needs to slide the user in a supine position from the bed to the stretcher.
  • Versatile - transforms into a day bed: Previously, caregivers will need to transfer the user back to the bed frequently, due to discomfort from prolonged sitting. With the reclining feature, caregivers can now adjust the angle of recline to allow the user to lie down on the wheelchair. This allows users to take a nap in the activity room without going back to their bed.


  • Thick cushion support throughout the wheelchair for better comfort.
  • Additional caster wheels enable the wheelchair/stretcher to move sideways. This comes in handy when faced with tight spaces.
  • Adjustable tilting seat prevents the user from sliding forwards. By tilting the seat, you are also relieving pressure from the buttocks. This helps to prevent pressure sores.
    • Height-adjustable arm rests that are fully retractable. This makes it easy to transfer the user from bed to wheelchair.  You can also retract the arm rests and push the wheelchair under the dining table. 
    • Foldable, swing-out foot rests that will not obstruct during transfer.
    • Length of foot rest is adjustable - 33cm, 35cm, 37cm.
    • Comes with seat belt.


    We truly care about the safety of our customers and therefore, all purchases come with a personalised training session during delivery. This way, your loved one will feel confident when using his new wheelchair.

    If you wish to ask questions or discuss your order, feel free to contact us at (65) 6250-2129 or

    Product Name Matsunaga FR-31TR Tilt & Recline Wheelchair
    Model No. FR-31TR

    [16-inch seat width]

    [18-inch seat width]


    16-inch: 36 kg

    18-inch: 37 kg


    Frame: Iron


    Wheels: Solid rubber

    Max. user weight 100kg
    Matsunaga Co. Ltd