About Us

Our Story 

Healthcare Matters was founded by a group of professionals with many years of healthcare experience. Through our personal encounters with caregivers and patients, we came to realise the challenges of providing care to the elderly and vulnerable. Unlike looking after a child who is constantly growing and gaining independence, care for the elderly is an increasingly demanding role as their needs increase over the years. This inspired our founders to seek innovative solutions from around the world and bring them back to our local shores.

Our Products

We source for cutting-edge healthcare equipment and are strict in our selection process.

Our experience as care providers has shown us that low-quality equipment always costs more in the long run. The frequent breakdowns and replacements are also a source of stress for the caregiver and care recipient. Most importantly, poor design and defective parts are a risk to the user's safety, especially if he/she belongs to the vulnerable population. This is something that we take very seriously and will never compromise on. Thus, Healthcare Matters only works with reputable manufacturers who take pride in producing high-quality goods and are constantly pushing boundaries to come up with innovative yet practical designs. 

Our Philosophy

Throughout this site, you will find that the products we offer have been thoughtfully designed and brilliantly engineered. This is because safety and comfort stand at the heart of our company, so we only offer products that will have a huge impact on your caregiving experience and withstand the test of time.  

Our Partners

Healthcare Matters strives to build excellent relationships with all our suppliers and customers. Our goal isn't just to sell products, but to provide truly helpful solutions to our customers' caregiving needs. As such, we value our customers' feedback and we, in turn, share them with our suppliers to help them build even better products. It is this trust and rapport that we've established, which has earned us exclusive distributorship rights to all the products that you see here.

Get in Touch

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you wish to speak to us or visit our showroom, please contact us