Body Spider Exercise Machine

Body Spider Exercise Machine

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The Body Spider transforms exercise into a social activity that is fun and engaging. Each Body Spider can accommodate 6-18 elderly* exercising simultaneously.

It uses the concept of stretch bands to tone and strengthen the muscles. At present, more than 150 institutions in Japan - day care centres, nursing homes, public community centres have incorporated the Body Spider into their rehabilitation programmes.

*No. of pax depends on the configuration of users.


Slim and Portable
  • Foldable and frees up precious space for other activities. Fits into the tiniest of lifts.
  • Caster wheels for transporting anywhere easily.
  • Total weight: 155 kg

Easy to operate
  • With the press of a button, the Body Spider expands into its full size in just 35s. To close the unit, press the same button.
  • Only 1-2 trainers are needed to facilitate each exercise session. Trainers do not need to be OT or PT. Anyone can be a trainer!
  • Each stretch band comprises 40 x 6mm diameter rubber strings bound tightly together.

    • Wheelchair-friendly. Users can exercise while seated on their wheelchairs. This eliminates the need to transfer the user to a separate chair, thereby saving time for nurses.
    • Single equipment for multiple exercises. There are 72 attachment points for different placements of the hand/foot belts. This means that one unit of Body Spider alone can be used to train all parts of the body.

    Sample Exercises with the Body Spider

      Main parts

      1 Lower frame

      5 Upper frame

      9 Lower arm B

      2 Elevating unit 

      6 Upper arm

      10 Lower arm support

      3 Actuator

      7 Middle arm

      11 Support frame

      4 Pillar

      8 Lower arm A

      12 Belt