Carefort Automatic Waste Packing Machine

Carefort Automatic Waste Packing Machine

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Well-loved by many institutions, Carefort is an automatic packing machine. It seals contaminated waste and blocks off odours with a proprietary Carefort Sealing Film. Carefort is widely used in Japanese and Singapore healthcare institutions for improving infection control and nursing morale.


  • Packs everything that is non-sharp. No need to macerate. Just feed diapers, blood lines, stoma bags, catheters, diapers, PPE, feedings tubes etc. into the machine and they will be sealed within two layers of ultra-durable adhesive film.
  • Seals and cut in 1.5 seconds - and all you handle is a hygienic packet of waste rather than exposed, contaminated waste. 




  • Improve infection control - Seal contaminated blood lines, dialyzers, diapers, etc. at the patient's bedside rather than transporting exposed waste to the trash bin. This reduces the number of contamination touch points.
  • Save time - No need to wrap soiled diapers manually. Carefort seals diapers, dressings and gloves quickly and automatically into a flat pack.
  • Save manpower and cost - Flat packs take up less space in trash bins. Therefore, nurses and cleaners make fewer trips in transporting waste from the patient rooms to sluice room. A lower volume of waste also translates to savings in solid waste disposal services every month.
  • Keeps the sluice room clean and odour-free. No need to spend time and money on de-odourising, and reduce the manpower needed for maintenance of sluice rooms.
  • Preserve the dignity of healthcare workers and cleaners - No direct contact with excrement.
  • Preserve the dignity of patients - No bad odours in the ward.

  • Carefort Sealing Material keeps odour, bacteria and viruses from spreading
    • Viruses and bacteria not detected after 7 days
    • Odour 97% reduced 


1. Is the film biodegradable?

In Singapore, we do not dispose of our waste by burying them. Instead, they are sent for incineration so biodegradability not an issue here. In fact, it is common practice worldwide for hazardous waste to be incinerated rather than buried. This is to prevent germs contamination of ground water sources.

Therefore, the key question to ask is, "what is the impact of incineration"? To this end, the Carefort sealing film has been rigorously tested to be safe for the environment. It produces no toxic gases when burnt. 

2. What sort of items can we pack other than diapers?

Catheters, blood lines, dialysers, feeding tubes, stoma pouches, urine bags, dressing sets, towel, PPE, etc. As long as it's not sharp (e.g. needles and knives), it can be packed. 

3. How long can 1 set of sealing film (100m x 2 rolls) last?

This varies depending on the frequency of usage, the type of mode used, and also the number of items the user is able to consolidate in each pack. Based on our experience, a nursing ward of 36 diaper-wearing patients with 4-5 diaper changes per day will use 1 set of film every week. 

We recommend conducting a trial at your centre to assess the rate of usage. Please contact us for a demo and trial.

4. Can we pack more than one diaper?

Normally, you can pack 2~3 diapers (placed vertically) at the same time. However, this varies depending on the amount of human waste in the diaper.

5. How long does it take to charge the battery fully and how long can it last?

It only takes 2 hours to charge the battery fully. After which, the Carefort can be operated for 7 hours continuously i.e. non-stop pressing of the packing button.

6. Can I attach a bag to the Carefort? I'd like to consolidate all the packed items before heading to the sluice room.

Definitely. There are optional accessories that can be installed with the Carefort. This includes a bag and tray table that can be attached to the Carefort. With flat packs, you'll be able to hold more items in the trash bag, thus making fewer trips to the sluice room and saving time. 

7. Are there free sample rolls with every machine?

Each Carefort comes with 2 practise rolls to allow users to familiarize themselves with the different functions. The sample rolls are 20m long.


Sumiron was founded in 1972 and started out as a manufacturer of industrial adhesive tape. Their expertise and reputation drew the attention of a medical doctor, who approached the company to develop a product that could seal off odours that plagued the patients and healthcare workers in the hospital.

Sumiron accepted the challenge and expanded on the idea. Not only did they set out to seal bad odours, they took it a step further and developed an adhesive that could trap infectious microorganisms within. Using their wide range of experience in metal construction materials, electronics and automobiles, Sumiron developed an automatic waste disposal system- the Carefort.

In 2005, Sumiron introduced the cutting-edge concept of sealing contaminated waste material with industrial strength adhesive tape. This soon became a popular choice for Japanese healthcare institutions as it eased the workload of healthcare workers and reduced cross-contamination significantly. Countries such as Qatar, Singapore as well as those in Europe have also begun to notice the Carefort system. The company hopes that in the near future, patients and care providers will no longer have to live with odour or the fear of cross-infection.


Product Name Carefort Automatic Waste Packing Machine


44W x 58.5D (69.8 including handles) x 85H cm
Weight 36 kg (excluding sealing material)
Manufacturer Sumiron Co. Ltd.
Power Supply Internal battery
Battery Life

7 hours of continuous usage (i.e. packing and cutting non-stop), 48 hours standby time, 2 hours recharging time for AC 100V power supply


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