Tutti Assisted Bathtub

Tutti Assisted Bathtub

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At home, we wind down at the end of the day with a relaxing warm shower. However, this is no longer possible for many who are living in healthcare institutions. Bath times are short, rushed, and often lack privacy. 

The Tutti Assisted Bathtub aims to return the dignity of bath times to those with impaired mobility while reducing the burden of caregivers. It is sophisticated in design and easy to use. The tub fills in just 50 seconds so you don't need to waste any time on waiting.


  • Secure bathing wheelchair increases manpower productivity
    There are 2 important features which ensure safety during shower and eases the burden on caregivers:
    1. Safety belts at the chest, waist and leg level ensure that the user is securely strapped while seated.
    2. The wheelchair tilts upwards to prevent the user from sliding down or getting up from the wheelchair on his own. This prevents falls from happening.
Since this wheelchair is so secure, only 1 caregiver is needed during shower time instead of 2. An added benefit of the user being showered within the tub is that the caregiver doesn't get wet during the showering process.

    • Foldable foot rest and swing-out arm rest
      The foot rest can be folded and stored under the seat, while the arm rest swings to the side for easy transfer.



    • Spacious design for smooth docking
      At 610mm wide, the entrance of the tub provides adequate space for smooth and secure docking.

    • Customisable water levels
      Depending on the user's height and preference, there are 3 water levels to choose from.  

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          Product Name Tutti Assisted Bathtub (Model HK-812-S)
          Bathing Wheelchairs Comes with one unit. Additional units available as optional accessories.

          External: 1830 x 960 x 1290 (H) mm

          Internal: 1340 x 610 x 620 (D) mm

          Bath Tub Capacity
          190 liters (Fills/drains completely in 50 seconds)
          Water Tank Capacity
          240 liters
          Hot Water Supply
          Electrical mixing
          Tank water preparation
          6 minutes 50 sec. (quick water supply mode)
          Power Supply
          AC100V 50/60Hz
          Power Input
          1.0kVA (50Hz)/ 1.5kVA (60HZ)
          Weight of tub 270 kg
          Max. load of shower wheelchair 100 kg