Convertible Rollator with Dining Table

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Most rollators take up precious space in a small apartment. And with both hands occupied, you can't carry anything else. This is impractical and unmotivating for someone learning to walk again.

Instil a sense of pride as your loved one walks confidently on his own and transports his personal belongings anywhere, and anytime he desires.

Our Japanese multi-purpose rollator is compact, foldable, and comes with a non-slip meal tray. This meal tray has a special surface coating with grooves for a cup and bowl. 

By simply adjusting the height of the meal tray and locking the brakes of the rollator, you immediately have a mini dining table.

To make it elder-friendly, our tension-adjustable handbrakes cater to users with different levels of hand strength.

Likewise, the special 1-2-3 caster wheels allow you to pre-set the range of movements of the wheels at 3 different levels, depending on the mobility needs of your loved one. For example, you can restrict the wheels so that they only move in one straight line for greater stability, or allow 360-degree rotation for people who don't need so much support.  


We truly care about the safety of our customers. Therefore, all purchases come with a personalised training session during delivery. This way, your loved one will feel confident when using his new mobility aid.

Rebuild your loved one's confidence by getting this today. We promise that it'll be the best gift you can ever give.



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